The Yearbook

How it all comes together

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The deadline for the yearbook is here. It is time to submit it and the yearbook staff is working tirelessly to get it finished. With only ten members, each person has a huge role in putting it together. These members are Mikaela Voinov(8th), Meghan Rydel(8th), Kyle McGraw(8th), Gabriella DiGiovanni(8th), Madeline Voinov(7th), Jack Farber (6th), Abhi Jacobs(6th), Hailey Mediavilla(6th), Kayla Wolfsohn(6th), and Sarah Vastano(6th).This year the yearbook is all about making the connection. What brings the GW community together? The answer to this question for many is school assemblies, clubs, and after school activities.  This yearbook features many pages about how students stay connected outside of school whether it is on the many social media sites or through sports and other activities.

To do this the club puts up surveys, takes pictures, and interviews people to make the yearbook as interactive as possibe.  We cover every event during the school year including the Halloween Canteen, Kiss the Pig, Veteran’s Day, the Stars and Stripes 5k, the Snowball, the Super Bowl Canten, and spirit days. To put together our pages we use a site called Herff Jones EDesign which lets us edit photos, put in captions, add portrait pictures, put in well wishers for the eight grade, and make the yearbook really come to life.

Even though getting everything done on time can be stressful, yearbook is still a super fun club. We meet every Wednesday to work on our pages, discuss different things going on around the school, talk about how to make the yearbook more interactive and fun, and sometimes we get sneak peaks on different things are coming to our library. For example, we saw the virtual reality first!

This year it is one of the yearbook clubs priorities to make this yearbook better than ever. Last year the club was awarded honorable mention on the yearbook and was put into the Herff Jones portfolio. This year we will be going for a higher ranking and to be put in the portfolio again.  If taking pictures, interviewing people, and being up close in all of the action sounds fun to you then you should join the yearbook club next year!