New Textbooks Are Making the Rounds at GWMS

The 6th Grade Social Studies Classes receive new digital features.

Jack Till, Staff Writer

This year Mr. Medley, one of the 6th Grade Social Studies teachers, is utilizing features of new textbooks he recently received. These textbooks are made by the company Teachers’ Curriculum Institute (TCI). The textbooks are compatible with Chromebooks and offer response questions that can be used for class or homework. The TCI textbooks offer multiple ways to experience the wonder that is the history of the United States. I interviewed Mr. Medley to see what he thought about the new textbooks.


What are you excited about with the new books?

The software is going to be a great way for the students to have fun, and engaging activities as well as learn new ways to take notes. We will be saving a lot of paper this year as well by going digital.  

What are your thoughts on the Chromebook compatibility?

 It’s very early on but right now, but we haven’t seen any problems. It’s been tricky with the login every day. But thus far I think it has been a smooth transition and I think that the students are enjoying the new software.

Any final thoughts?

I am really happy we got the opportunity to have the new textbooks and I think so far the students have enjoyed the transition as well. 


 Overall, it looks like these TCI textbooks will be a giant win for the 6th Grade students who will use them!