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A review on Minecraft

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Zaina Brock, Staff Writer

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There has been a game that has been very popular for a while and it’s been one of the most fun games you could ever play.  It’s called Minecraft. So the game is as simple as the name. You mine blocks, and then craft with them. You can make houses with friends and family on servers and join pre-made game servers. There are  different options, for example, you can allow a guest to play when they join. Then there’s “creative mode” which allows you to fly and get any block without having to actually to go mine it and remove blocks instantly with bare hands. So if you don’t think you can start off with nothing at the beginning of your world, there’s cheats so all you have to do is activate cheats. In cheats, you can have a starting chest, all day time, weather controls, time controls, teleportation, set world spawn point, keep inventory, etc. Ok so lets say that you’re convinced about Minecraft now but where can you get it?  Easy- it’s available on your computer, iPad, or iPhone.. But, I must warn you, there is a little problem for some people. It’s not free but if they have such a good game like this they should get some money for updates.