Crescent Moon-Song Review

Andriana Rud, Staff Writer

November. A time of being thankful for what you have and eating food. Most people only care about the food though (including me). Now even if this doesn’t make sense, I have always associated November with The Tale of Princess Kaguya. This is most likely because the movie that Studio Ghibli made based off of this Japnese story that was released in November. And this story always reminds me of one song- Crescent Moon. While it may not be directly based on the original Japanese folk tale, I always imagine the singer as Miyatsuko wishing he could be with Kaguya once more, even though he knows that it will never happen. Was that a spoiler? Oh well. This song is slightly less appreciated than the last song that I reviewed, but it still has quite a bit of popularity, raking in almost two million views. So I encourage you all to go on Youtube, or use the link at the end of this article, and watch it.

Crescent Moon was released on July 15,2013 with over 1.9 million views on Youtube. This song was created and uploaded by a Japanese producer known as Kurousa. Now, I’m gonna be completely straight – this song is just downright beautiful. It perfectly captures loving someone that you know you can never be with, but still being there because you truly care for them. The lyrics describe a man (confirmed to be named Seine Kaito in a novel,) reminiscing on his long-standing love, which has not faltered even though she is gone in some way, and how he will always be there for her even if it’s not in person. This is a really beautiful message that I think a lot of people, especially high schoolers, can relate to. It really is amazing how inspiring a song that’s so simple can be.

The music to this song is just incredible. I don’t want to hype the song up too much, but it really is just a genuinely pretty song. It mixes modern classical elements with traditional Japanese instruments in a way that just blends them together perfectly and truly brings you through the narrator’s emotions and his journey. The instrumental has a tight, but peaceful feel to it, making it a great song to listen to if you just need to relax. Even without the lyrics, it is incredible how the song is able to portray vibrant imagery in my mind just through the music. I feel like i know exactly what he is going through even though i have never experienced something like this, which is a true testament to how emotional and pretty this song is. It has a slow buildup and I often use it to calm down when I’m feeling stressed, the vocals being especially soft and calming. It really is just a pretty song to me that never gets old.

In conclusion, Crescent Moon is overall just a really beautiful song that you should check out if you like this kind of music. It will probably only appeal to a couple people, but as long as I was able to make my case and help others find music they may enjoy, I’m fine with it. And that’s what I aim to do with these articles: introduce others to music that they probably would have never even known about to see if they might like it or not. Of course, everyone has different tastes and preferences, but I hope that I can at least encourage you to try out music that you might have thought was weird or too niche for you. That is why Crescent Moon is something that I recommend you check out, even if it seems like it’s not your style.