Every 15 Minutes


Meghan Tomback, Staff Writer

Every year, the student of George Washington Middle School participate in the Every 15 Minutes program. For those of you who don’t know, Every 15 Minutes is a campaign to help spread awareness about drug and alcohol addiction. Every 15 minutes someone dies from a drug and alcohol event that can be anything from an overdose, drunk driving, or suicide. In order to represent this, every 15 minutes a GW student paints their face white and doesn’t talk or interact with anyone for the rest of the day. Along with this, at the start and end of the day, there is an announcement talking about the dangers and effects of drugs and alcohol. Addiction to these things is serious and many people end up feeling pressured to try them. Although you might think it’s harmless, these substances can become easily addictive. The students who participated in the event still had to go about their day as usual. It can be very difficult because not only are they unable to ask or answer any questions in class, they also lose the ability to interact with their friends outside of class. Thank you to everyone who respected and helped those participating make it through their days as smooth as possible. Hopefully you have learned through this program just how dangerous drug and alcohol addiction really is.