Top Five Favorite Computer Games

The top five free games we like to play after school are…

Alexandra Morgan and Allison McNutt

Spent – This a game where you are given $1,000 and you have to last a month. You have to make decisions based on real-life problems. If you run out of money you lose the game. Another great thing about this game is that when you finish you can donate to real-life people in a problem just like the problem you have in Spent. Spent helps students in and outside of the school learn how to manage their money. You can find this at

Hangman – This is just like the game you would play on paper but it’s on the computer. You have a certain amount of balloons as lives. As you continue to guess letters you either lose a balloon or gain letters in the mystery word. The words are put into categories such as one-vowel words and famous people. If you guess the word correctly you get more points. These points add up each round. If you guess incorrectly or run out of lives, the game is over and your points reset.This can be found on cool math games at 

Cat in Japan – This game makes you find 20 pieces of sushi after you solve a series of riddles. These riddles vary from looking under a couple of pillows to matching patterns and shapes and opening boxes with hidden keys and wrenches. Once the 20 pieces of sushi are found you win!

Fireboy and Watergirl – This is a game where you have to use your computer keys to jump, run, and get through obstacles. This can be a two-player game or you can play alone. It works on team-building skills as you run and jump over different substances that cause a variety of different things.

Snail Bob 2 – in this game the goal is to get Snail Bob into his “Home ̈ the hollowed wooden log. The obstacles vary from easy to difficult. There are levers and buttons that cause a fan to turn on, a boulder to drop, etc.  When you complete all of the levels, there is a party!