Thanksgiving Jokes

Evan Meurer, Joke Writer

What did the turkey say when it was eating its food?

Gobble gobble gobble.


What did the turkey say at the dinner table when dinner was being made?

I’m stuffed.


What did the person say when it was preparing the vegetables for Thanksgiving dinner?

I need to “squash” the salad and make this joke a little more “corny”.


A mayflower once sat all night in the cold rain, very upset. Then, a group of vegetables came over to it to cheer it up: A corn, a squash, and a bean. The three of them saw the mayflower upset, and said in unison: “We need to ‘bean’ a little helpful and ‘squash’ those negative emotions by making a ‘corny’ joke.” 


What bean has a piercing personality?

A laser bean.


What pea is very tough, and likes getting into fights?

A black-eyed pea.


What bean always doesn’t have anything interesting to say?

A vanilla bean.


What type of dog is a cob?

A corn dog.


What squash shall always protect its boss?

A body gourd.


What squash is the wisest of them all?

The Great Zu-genie.


What is the corrupted leader of all squashes?

The Haunted Pumpking.