Holiday Craze

Cassandra Miller and Warren Lee

Every year everyone goes top-notch during the holiday seasons. Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are the holidays that have the most money spent on them. But it’s definitely worth it and I have asked other students what traditions they do every year when celebrating the holidays. And after going around, I have heard the many lovely traditions listed below.


Thanksgiving Traditions

 One student said, “we always visit our grandma and grandpa’s house.  We help cook and sleepover to have a family game night.” They also mentioned how every year they cook food including but not limited to fried turkey and deep-fried stuffing balls which sounds good and I wish I could’ve tried that. 

Another student mentioned that they also spend their time with their grandparents and that they cooked fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and other foods.


Hanukkah Traditions 

When I asked a student what one of their traditions were, they said that every year when they light up the Menorah, they would go by the age of the family member and that they were always the third one to light up the candle. 


Christmas Traditions 

I asked multiple students what they do at Christmas and I got many answers saying that they drive around with a cup of hot chocolate and look at all the Christmas lights that were up. 

Another student also mentioned that they would always decorate their tree on Thanksgiving for Christmas even though it wasn’t Christmas or even December. 

But the most common answer from when I interviewed all these students was that every year the day before Santa came, they would make cookies and decorate them as a family. Most would do sugar cookies but also would make all different sorts of cookies and they would follow family recipes or any recipe they found online.