NJHS Class of 2019-2020

A new year, a new batch of N.J.H.S. students.


Katie McGhee

The National Junior Honors Society is an organization that creates a select group of students in eighth grade that complete community service activities. There is also an honors society for high school; the National Honors Society. 

This year, the initiation ceremony happened on October 23rd. The chosen students were ushered into the auditorium and, in front of excited parents and relatives, listened to an inspirational speech made by Mr. Leonard himself. After, they were given their certificates and refreshments.

It was a little overwhelming, but exciting! ”

— Meghan Tomback

The students who are a part of N.J.H.S. partake in community service acts that are both in-school and out of school. Opportunities for in-school service are always being presented, so the students of N.J.H.S. always have the chance to complete hours. However, if someone wants to do something out of school, they have to fill out a proposal for it to count, and a reflection afterward.

All in all, N.J.H.S. is a great thing to be a part of. It builds character and opens eyes to new things.