Guess what? It’s the weather!

Jack Till, Writer

Oh, the weather you’ll see! Whether you see it in a plane, a car or in a boat in the sea, it will always be the weather to some degree. We’re hot, and we’re cold, so say yes to awesome weather and no to boring reports.


Snow days! The epitome of a winter phase and the young lad’s praise. So far, we have had one this school year. When is the next one? Well, it’s clear. The next snow day will take place in either late January or early February. But it is not necessary. The fewer snow days we have, the more Memorial Day vacation days we’ll have. But if not, those vacation days will more than halve. 


Hot days! The temperature rise is always exciting for my gaze. It was really hot on October 2, with a high of 94 degrees. Now, don’t go when it’s that hot without sunscreen, please. I hope it will be hot soon. But it might be until April or May until we see a boon. 


Now, my friends, let’s look at January as a whole before the snow has to be controlled. The hottest day will be January eleven, with a high of 51 + seven! Yep, that high is 58, but it won’t initiate some summer weather. The coldest day will be the final one, a low of 13, but with no more snow to be seen.


What about for the whole year? Well, you’re going to see it here! The average for the whole year will be a steady 52 degrees! Not too hot or too cold, so go outside with ease! 


Now I will make a bold prediction. It’ll be sunny all year, and I hope that’s not fiction!