GW Toy Drive

Allison McNutt, Staff Writer

Five hundred nineteen. That is how many children GW made happy this season. Over the course of two weeks the student ambassador club encouraged the students of GW to donate new, packaged toys.  In those two weeks, students brought in all kinds of toys for children ages 1-18, with a grand total of 519 toys! Those toys were counted, bagged up and stored until December 16th. On that morning, all the toys were loaded onto a firetruck and brought to a Paterson Fire Department.  As we passed through Paterson, we could tell that it was more like a city, unlike Wayne.  Once we got to the fire department the students, the teachers, and the firefighters helped bring the toys from the firetruck into a large pile. After a while of assembly lines and heavy bags, the toys were all inside. We then took a break and spent some time with the firefighters and even got to play a few games.  Then we sorted the toys into smaller piles for age groups, genders and others. We sorted the toys into bags so that they could be given to the kids in need.