Super Bowl Preview

David Corb, Guest Writer

The energy and anxiety that competition causes is one of the best things known to mankind, it is a way people bond or even grow slight hatred. Whether you are betting on your favorite team or even just hoping someone wins besides the NewEngland Patriots American football is one thing people are very competitive about. If you follow the NFL you may know that the fifty fourth Super Bowl is coming up on February, 2 2020 where the Kansas City Chiefs will play the San Francisco 49ers . These two teams fought their way to the top and now it is time to see who will be the champion of this year’s National Football League. Many fans wish they could decide who won but it is all on how the players play. This may just be a game to some fans but to football fanatics it is an opportunity to earn cash, and a lot of it but that also means they can lose a lot. Just like I said before, to some people it is just a football game but that doesn’t mean that the experience of watching isn’t like a party. If you have ever taken part in a super bowl party or have hosted your own you will know they are fun. At these parties it is a fun time for the adults and kids to all gather around the big screen and watch this extraordinary game. What makes this football game such an extraordinary event is all of the stuff that goes into it for example ; all the funny commercials, the halftime show, and even the amount of people who watch it. This year it is predicted that over 100 million people will watch the super bowl, so even if you aren’t taking part in a big party you can share the experience with more than 104 million more people.