Remembering Kobe

The sudden death of Kobe Bryant shocked the nation.

Alexa Benacquista, Guest Writer

Two-Thousand Twenty so far has been filled with plenty of shocking and appalling news stories, however, the most recent story has definitely been the most heartbreaking. This weekend we lost a basketball legend to a traumatic helicopter crash right outside of Los Angeles. This shattered the hearts of many across the world since the man at the face of the accident was Kobe Bryant, a hero to many. He is said to be the best to ever play the game and has broken many records throughout the course of his career. But don’t take my word for it, his stats say it all. 

I am sure many are on my side when I say that Kobe Bryant’s career was a major success. Out of the 20 years that he was in the NBA, he was an all-star 18 times, which is the second-best among all NBA players of all time, one after Kareem-Abdul Jabar (19 times). Bryant ended his career carrying 33,643 points, 7,047 rebounds, and 6,306 assists with him. He has won at least 4 MVP awards for his astonishing career and brought his team to 5 championships. Above all his successes in basketball, he was also a kind-hearted soul. He has set up charities for children to encourage youth sports and education in China. He also loved his 13-year old daughter more than anything and had huge hopes for her future. Unfortunately, his daughter Gianna was with him on the helicopter crash and died along with his as well. The two were on the way to Gianna’s basketball practice where Kobe would coach her team and watch her achieve triumph in her basketball career. The two crashed due to terrible weather conditions causing the pilot to lose sight. The two were honored immensely as deserved and were paid tributes by many.  

On the day of the tragedy, the Grammy’s took place in addition to the NFL Pro Bowl. To start off the award show, Bryant was honored for his greatness and the legacy he left on the NBA. His daughter was also honored, for she was the one to travel in his footsteps and become the next generation


 Kobe Bryant. At the annual Pro Bowl game, the NFL’s most talented players come together and play each other in an end-of-the-season face-off. The National team was first to score and celebrated in the end zone by imitating Bryant’s shooting form and prayed up to the sky signaling #24. In the Spurs vs. Raptors game that took play on Sunday as well, both teams paid tributes to Bryant by purposely receiving a 24-second shot-clock violation in his honor. Both teams shed tears shortly after and mourned the tragic death. Players were also interviewed on the sidelines and paid their respects to the late legend and his beloved daughter. Bryant was a hero and inspiration to many, and though he is gone, he and his daughter will be missed dearly throughout the years, and always remembered by the basketball world.