“Run Away With Me”

Song Review

Andriana Rud

  This is the best love song ever written in the 2010s and I will not budge on that. It is an absolute CRIME that nearly nobody knows this song, and it always makes me upset whenever I ask people and they don’t know it. Especially since it was written and sung by Carly Rae Jepsen. That’s right, the same Carly Rae Jepsen who sang “Call Me Maybe”, the biggest hit of the summer of 2012. It’s also a shame that she never had another hit besides that and a verse on an Owl City song (“Good Time”). She actually released a new album last year, and nobody noticed it! Well in this article, I’m out to fix that and introduce you all to her best song yet, “Run Away With Me.” Every single one of you, LISTEN TO THIS SONG RIGHT NOW. I will not even bother to introduce you to it like I usually do in my articles because the only way you can get the full effect of this song, is by clicking on the video below and watching it before proceeding with this article. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Now, I can’t guarantee that everybody just had the same experience that I just did, but if any of you did, do I really have to say anything? The song speaks for itself, and it is one of the biggest injustices of the world that this song was not the biggest hit that Jepsen had ever had. While “Cut To The Feeling” was also pretty great, this is definitely the magnum opus of her musical career. It’s also perfect for Valentine’s Day. So when you’re feeling down, I’d encourage you to listen to this song and the rest of her albums to brighten your spirits and get you in the February mood.  This article was short, but all I wanted to do was introduce this song to more people so I’m satisfied with that, as long as it works.