GW Band & Chorus

Landon Li, Writer

About two months ago, the chorus and band concerts were held for the students of George Washington Middle School. As it is their first year at this school, we have interviewed some 6th graders about their experiences before and after the concert to see how their thoughts changed. 


Mia DeGrandpre, 6th-grade band

How do you feel about the upcoming concerts? Any thoughts or feelings?

I think we are a lot better than my band was last year. And, personally, I think we’re very much prepared for this concert

Jack Till, 6th-grade chorus

We have been practicing really hard for the concert and we are really excited for the concert. I hope that we do very well.

Chloe Krawczak, 6th-grade band

It’s a little stressful knowing that you have a concert, but I think I’ll be doing pretty good. Not just me, but the entire band.



After the concert, I checked in with them again, to get their thoughts on the performance.


Mia Degrandpre

I think we did pretty good. We worked hard for it and it sounded pretty good. I know my family was oddly impressed by it.


Jack Till

“I think we did really well, but we could have done better when we sang ‘Old Man Winter’”

Chloe Krawczak 

I think we did better.