First of Them All

The NFL's First Female Coach

Eryn Rubenacker, Guest Writer


Katie Sowers. That should be a name known around the world, Katie should be known as the girl who changed everything for football. If you don’t know who Katie Sowers is, she is an assistant football coach for the 49ers. Katie proved that women can work in a sea of men and succeed. What many people might gather from her is that it has been done before so it can be done again. This may give girls a view on football they have never had before. Katie Sowers is not only an inspiration but she holds some pretty cool records as well. She was the first woman football coach in the NFL and the first woman coach to make it to the Superbowl. She was seen coaching her team in Super Bowl 54 in 2020. The 49ers lost 31-20, but it was still a big win for Katie, considering she had made it to the Superbowl. Microsoft had commercials during the Superbowl about Katie.  This commercial helped explain to many how she was feeling working in a male-dominated job. But not only that, it shows that she has been very interested in the sport since she was a kid. This commercial will explain that the players and other coaches treat Katie just like any other coach. As for the head coach, not only is he inspired by Katie but his children are as well. He is very happy that his kids have someone like Katie to look up too. His kids and many others may be inspired by the fact that they can succeed, they can work for a sport they love, and they can go after their dreams. All of these inspirational facts lead back to Katie. So maybe the next time you are watching an NFL football game, you will realize that you can grow into the game. In her own words, “make sure I am not the last”.