February Kindness Challenge


Adriana Aslani, Guest Writer

As February comes to an end, looking back, many exciting things happened this month. GWMS students participated in a kindness challenge. Under all circumstances, kindness should be shown, however it was appreciated a little extra this month. Each day presented a new challenge for students to complete. For instance, one of the challenges students took part in was to write a note letting someone know how appreciated they are. You never know what kind of day someone is having so giving them something as little as a compliment on their outfit can brighten their day. Students and staff are ecstatic to see everyone showing kindness to each other because it makes the school a better learning environment. A brightened environment is very encouraging for all of us.

Moreover, one of the other challenges included was wearing certain colors on certain days. The Thursday before Valentines day, students were asked to wear red or pink. Most people use these colors as a symbol for love and friendship. A main goal in the school community is for everyone to get along with each other and spread their love and kindness. Also, on one of the days students were asked to wear yellow. Yellow symbolizes happiness and sunshine so this was meant to help make everyone’s day a little better. Wearing as many colors as you can was another challenge students took part in. Everyone was able to show off their creativity and it added a little bit of competition to the school day. Colors are a huge impact on the mood of an environment so getting to show off all of these bright colors were a great addition to the challenge!

Lastly, another one of the many challenges was to show a random act of kindness or lend a hand to a teacher or classmate. You may not realize it, but an action as little as holding a door for someone can make their day much easier. If everyone decides to show random acts of kindness often, it will become part of their everyday life without them even noticing it. To conclude, kindness month is such an amazing time to brighten everyone’s lives. Remember that showing a small act of kindness can really brighten someone’s day!