A tough start to the new decade.

Savannah Martin, Guest Writer

Imagine being grounded, but to the extent of staying home all day every day for months? You cannot go to school, see your friends, or even go out to the salon. Due to a new disease called the “coronavirus”, or commonly referred to as “COVID-19” most of our country is living that nightmare. 

The coronavirus is deadly and extremely widespread, yet many seem to recover or be a-symptomatic. According to mild symptoms include a cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, and headaches. More extreme symptoms should receive immediate medical help and these include trouble breathing, chest pain, and blue lips or face. Because of these symptoms, many people have been tested, and says that numbers have risen rapidly since the first US case was discovered in Washington on  January 20. There have been just over 1.28 million confirmed cases in the US and 76,000 tragic deaths, but still, numbers continue to rise. In our very own state of New Jersey, there have been 128,000 confirmed cases, along with about 8,000 unfortunate deaths. But our neighbor, New York, still has the highest statistics, possessing 319k cases.

Aside from the numbers, important information has been announced by the Governor of New Jersey (Governor Murphy) that the quarantine boundaries have been prolonged until to a minimum of June 5, with possible extensions beyond that. This means all NJ schools will remain closed for the remainder of the academic year.

Stay safe, stay home, and remember to wash your hands!  Together, we’ll get through this!