10 Shows to Binge In Quarantine


Nikhil Ivaturi

This is a time of confusion, panic, and fear. As you watch the news or see the numbers, you might be scared or upset. But, during this time, people are coming together. They are fighting this pandemic. There are many ways to help people that are fighting this pandemic head-on. Many people are showing their support to essential workers. This is one thing that you can do. Another thing that you can do, is STAY HOME. This is very important as if we don’t social distance, this disease will keep getting worse. So, while you are at home, having nothing to do, you can catch up on/watch your favorite shows. This can be just the thing to get your mind off of things or just have a great time.

Below is a list of shows/movies that people have recommended to watch when bored in Quarantine. Enjoy!



1. A Series of Unfortunate Events

(Netflix, PG, 3 seasons)

2. Stranger Things

(Netflix, PG-13, 3 seasons)

3. Greenhouse Academy

(Netflix, PG, 4 seasons)

4.The Voice

(NBC, PG, 16 seasons)

5 Jeopardy

(Netflix or Hulu, PG, 35 seasons)

6. Riverdale

(Netflix, PG-13, 3 seasons)

7. Sugar Rush

(Netflix, PG, 2 seasons)

8. Once Upon A Time

(Netflix, PG, 7 seasons)

9. The Big Family Cooking Showdown

(Netflix, PG, 1 season)

10. No Good Nick

(Netflix, PG, 2 seasons)