The Impact of Quarantine on Pets

“Why are you always home?!”


Brianna Funcasta , Guest Writer

There are many animals on this planet. Cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, and hamsters are some of the animals that we have come to know and love. For many pet owners, quarantine seemed like a great opportunity to spend quality time with their pets. However, this quarantine has affected the mental and emotional well-being of people – and pets. 

Many people on social media have reported that their pets have been acting up during this quarantine. The difference in your pet’s behavior should be expected, according to Dr. Emily Levine, who is a board certified veterinary behaviorist. She told The Independent that there have been “some pets that are very happy that the people are home and they have more social interactions.” However, she says she has seen cases where the opposite has happened, where pets have begun to demonstrate aggressive behavior because “the whole family is stuck at home and the dog is getting tired of it.” Most pets, like people, feel more comfortable when they follow a certain routine. The quarantine has interrupted our normal daily routines, so it is not surprising that pets behave differently now, because they notice that something unusual is happening in their homes. Pets get used to the owner leaving and coming back each day. Now, they notice that the owner does not leave the house, which causes them stress and anxiety. Some pets, just like people, express their stress in a happy way, but some pets do the opposite. This shows that they are not that different from us. It is possible that some pets could get used to the idea of being with their owner 24/7, which will cause them separation anxiety once the quarantine is over. This will be very sad. 

How can you help your pet during this quarantine? According to Dr. Levine, comforting your pet depends on their personality. She said, “To comfort the pet, it depends on the pet’s personality. If they are frustrated or anxious because of loud noises and hugging, we want to make sure the dog has a place in the home that they can choose to go to and it’s their own spot where nobody can bother them.” Every pet is different. No matter what type of pet you have, having your pet be healthy and happy is the most important thing! We  have to take care of our pets in these difficult times the same way that we take care of ourselves. Pets are part of the family, so we should treat them that way!


Source: The Independent