Can’t wait to go back to school!

Muhammad Haseeb

Many of us are waiting for the day when quarantine ends, the day when we can meet friends again and go back to school. But what is there to look forward to when school opens again? For starters, we all have to wake up early again. This may not be something to look forward to but waking up early sets a routine for you which makes good habits such as getting dressed, eating breakfast, and brushing your teeth. Also, if you wake up earlier, you go to sleep earlier because you’re tired and you’ll get more sleep. Secondly, you’ll be able to meet with your teachers again. This allows us to be able to learn and interact face to face with each other. You won’t have to look at a screen all day to learn and you’ll be able to talk with each other. 

In addition to your teachers, you’ll see your friends again. A lot of people including me have lost contact with their friends over quarantine, but when school opens, you’ll see them everyday. Some of the best things about school are recess and gym, because of what it allows. We can play large games that are organized and fun like kickball and soccer. Also, we could make our own games at recess and play box ball or anything. In quarantine, the drive to actually move and exercise isn’t there as much because it isn’t as exciting. This is something to really look forward to because we’ll get all of this back. In summation, when school opens up, we can look forward to waking up early again, having a schedule, more sleep, seeing your teachers again, being able to learn face to face, seeing your friends again, and exercising in gym and recess. I sure hope school opens up soon!