Halloween is Changing: Ideas for a Socially Distant Celebration

Safely Celebrating Halloween in a Pandemic


Juliana Pullen, Staff Writer

It was recently declared by Governor Murphy that New Jersey residents can trick-or-treat on Halloween, even though COVID-19 is still a threat. However not everyone is celebrating this spooky day as they have in the past.

Some ideas that have run around people’s heads are great ways to make the most of the holiday. “I’m doing things the old fashioned way! I’m coming outside to dish out candy, or maybe we could play a game where I try to throw it into their bag!!” said Ms. Molina, Sixth Grade School Counselor. 

Wayne Township’s website said that the best option is to pre package candy for easy distribution. “Arrange individually packaged candy so that trick or treaters can grab and go without accessing a shared bowl.” 

If trick or treating isn’t an option here are a few ideas for some spooky fun. The first idea is from peartree.com, where they suggest having a pumpkin carving or pumpkin decorating party. While this may not be for the younger kids to do alone, it will result in total fun. Bring your paintbrushes and pumpkins and celebrate the spook with friends! 

Another absolutely haunting idea is to make a scavenger hunt. Create teams or do it solo, with a fun sheet from catchmyparty.com.

The final suggestion from Wayne Township is to come to their outdoor movie night! They will start with the “Nightmare Before Christmas” and continue the night with “Poltergeist”. In addition to that, they will also be having Trunk or treating, but participants must reserve a parking spot in advance.  For more information about this, go to the Wayne Townships website, click on Departments, Click Parks and Recreation, and finally press events. 

While how to celebrate Halloween may be up for debate, fun isn’t.