Winter Boredom Busters

Ways to Have Socially Distanced Fun

Juliana Pullen

Ways to Have Socially Distanced Fun this Season


As the covid numbers go up and down, people are being pulled in different ways. One pretty safe way to dine is outside, in an igloo. Yes, an igloo! You will have your own igloo with only your family in it, which will be a pretty good safety precaution. However, it all comes down to how it is cleaned. I recommend looking at the website to see their cleaning procedure before going. One near us is Fig and Lily Garden in Morristown. You can also buy your own igloo on Amazon starting at $70!


The most Winter of Winter is the light shows! There are a few different ones, my favorite so far are the Bronx Zoo animal lights. FIlled with a light show for practically every animal and exhibit, it is an amazing sight to see. I have just recently gone, and the luminous garden was very pretty, as were the other areas! For more information about this, go to Hurry now because it ends on Jan 10, 2021.

Goose Chase:

While many of Wayne Townships’ events are over, the Goose Chase is still happening! All you have to do to enter is download the app. You will then receive a number of challenges! Up to 50 teams can enter, and the grand winner will be announced in March. The games will begin on Friday, January 8, so if you’re feeling bored, this challenge is for you! For the pdf, follow this link: ¨

Ice Skating:

While most of our typical rinks are closed, the Preakness Winter Park´s rink is still open. They are open through week-days to avoid overcrowding. Lessons are also available for groups or individuals. For rates, days, and times, go here:

New Year’s Resolutions:

Since many of us have our heads glued to screens, it is important to get outside. My family and I are going on walks every day after school! Everyone’s resolutions are different though. Maybe you want to be better in math, or learn something new! One of my favorite challenges is the 30-day no waste challenge! This will have a good impact on the environment and is something fun to do! Use this link to get to the rules/ tips.