The Cheez-It


Adrian Niser, Staff Writer

It was the 21st of December and I thought to bring Cheez-its to school. Then all of a sudden I got a horribly good idea.

I yelled, “Mom do we have Cheez-its?”

“Yes, we do, why?” she asked. 

“Uh, I what to take some to school, it’s the last day. Please?” I said.

“Ok, you can,” she said unsurely.

When I got to school I couldn’t wait for lunch and with a little help from Sam, I will ruin Cheez-its for everyone! The class went on, with me and Sam I both hoping that lunch will come quickly. First Math then gym still social studies, but then finally lunch came and Sam and I thought of their plan one more time before it was put in action. We sat together to talk but, just before I started to talk my Cheez-it fell. I picked it up and then threw it, it landed spot-on into someone’s face. Then I felt myself starting to open a packet of Cheez-its and throwing them at people.

“YES, a food fight!” I exclaimed.

“Just the right start,” said Sam. 

“The one Cheez-it,” I said.

And I was right because it was that one Cheez-it. That wasn’t the plan but it was still the perfect start! But then one lunch monitor yelled at me and Sam and sent us straight to the principal’s office. Uh oh, Sam and I said to each other as we walked to the principal’s office. And when they got to the principals. 

The principal said, “Explain yourselves!”

“Um, well, principal…..”

Then suddenly Sam ran, quickly opening the door, I was close behind, we ran as fast as we could through the hallways and to the closest exit. We kept running until they were easily a mile away from school! We heard that with what we did, the principal banned Cheez-its forever! And Sam and I never came back to that school ever again.