GW’s Fall Fun Night


Juliana Pullen

Students enjoying the “Hungry Hippos” game at Fall Fun Night

Juliana Pullen, Staff Writer

On October 31, 2021, many people trick-or-treated for the first time in a year. People of all ages were out nearly the whole day! But rewind to October 29th, when GW students attended the Fall Fun Night Out. Here’s the scoop on what happened.

 The whole gym was buzzing with students everywhere they could be. The DJ’s music blared out loud and everyone was doing something. Some people took off their shoes and got in line for the bouncy-house obstacle course! Filled with rock-walls, candy-corn things to dodge, and slides, this was a super-fun blow-up to race friends on.

On the other side of the gym were hungry hippos! Yes, you read that correctly. A giant flat and round blow-up that you were strapped into. You would then race to grab as many of your colored balls as possible in a short amount of time! Your friends would then promptly take out their phones and take pictures of you in the fun madness.

But there were activities beyond the gym, too! Pizza, chips, water and popcorn was served in the cafeteria by PTO parents.

They even had photosystem! You and your friends could take amazing pictures with fun props! This was a student favorite.

“The event was overall so much fun!” said 7th-grade student Soha Shah. “I was happy we were able to participate this year.  It was filled with fun and exciting things to do. The photo booth was my favorite part.” 

The GIANT surprise at the Fall Fun Night

As the night went on, most of the student body had migrated to the dance floor and were dancing and singing to the songs the DJ played. But then… The lights went out! No, this wasn’t a mistake! They had turned them off for the GIANT surprise! A color-changing robot!

“It was so cool and strange! So amazing! I barely understood how they did it!” (Cameron Dean 6th grade.)

Many people were baffled by how this light-up amazement worked. And while everyone knew it was just a man on stilts in a costume, nobody cared because it was definitely a wonderful Halloween surprise to see it dance with the student body and get pictures with everyone. 

Overall this was a fun place to be for Halloween, and it was wonderfully exciting to be able to do it this year.