Kiss The Pig

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Kiss The Pig

Ella Dikun and Samantha Wassuta

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Kiss the pig is an annual fundraiser for our winter dance.  Interested teachers can volunteer to enter their name into the contest.  Once volunteered, the teacher’s name was placed on a pumpkin bucket and stationed outside of the cafeterias.  For weeks leading up to Kiss the Pig, students were able to drop spare change into the bucket of the teacher who they wanted to see kiss a real live pig.  The teacher with the most money in their buckets “won” and then had to KISS THE PIG!

On October 30, Miss Piggy was greeted by a crowd of screaming middle school students.  Miss Piggy is a 4-5 month old pig, with pink and black spots.  She arrived in a gray container with some straw, which was stuck to her hair! Miss Piggy was born at Kosh Farms in Wantage, NJ. She will grow to be 500-800 pounds.

As Mrs. Puentes introduced all the candidates, the students were cheering.  The finalists for the contest were Mrs. Koransky, a 6-7th grade Science teacher, Mrs. Medley the Chorus teacher, and Mr. Medley, a 6th grade Social Studies teacher. Mrs. Puentes called for Miss Piggy and kids started looking over the bleachers and standing up to get a better view of the pig. To build the suspense, Mrs. Puentes tried to trick the crowd.  She had 3 sashes, each one with a number on it, 1-3. She took the first place ribbon and placed it on Mrs. Koransky, and then took it back and put it on Mrs. Medley. But, she wasn’t done yet! The crowd was going wild. Mrs. Puentes finally took the first place ribbon for a third time and moved it to Mr. Medley to announce that he was the winner.  Every teacher had so many fans and when it was time for Mr. Medley to kiss the pig, some kids even stood up cheering. Mr. Medley leaned in and gave the pig a quick peck!  Everyone screamed in laughter and cheers.   Immediately after, Mr. Medley wiped his mouth and walked out of the gym saying “disgusting!”

Mr. Medley ultimately won the contest, raising a total of $192. To encourage students to donate to his bucket, he dressed in a banana costume and did push ups outside the cafeterias.  Mrs. Medley also encouraged students to donate to her bucket, but in a different way. She sat outside the cafeterias and sang songs to get donations. She raised $145.70. Finally, Mrs. Koransky walked around the cafeterias wearing a sign that read “for every donation, I will sing a weird Science fact.”  She raised a total of $80.00.

All together, we raised $417.70!

The best thing about this event is that we raised money for our Winter Wonderland dance, and had a lot of fun along the way.  The funniest, yet most surprising moment, was when the pig pooped on the gym floor!  Next time we’ll be sure to put her in a diaper!

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Kiss The Pig