How to Leave the City – Chapter Two

Rae Wilkens, Creative Writer

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Newt slugged down the gray street, their ears looked as if they wanted to drag on the ground. Clouds covered the sky, suffocating the moon and pure light that came from it. Skeletons of small trees surrounded towers of crumbling brick and stone. Dirt piles made up for the lack of grass. Light illuminated from broken and undisturbed windows onto Newt’s exhausted face. They looked almost nothing like they did when they were a kid, their hair was a slick white and their skin was more of a faded purple. Their eyes were colder and had what almost looked like eyeliner around their eyes, making their eyes look more triangular. Their feet stopped in front of a small house and they faced a  door.

The door looked as if it were about to fall onto the broken pavement as it slowly opened. A large creature with one bulging eye glared at the guest. He towered over Newt, who was already tall, and had a slim body that was a faded gray. Two long ears pointed from his round head and  A small smile appeared on its face as he opened the door wide.

“Hey, how was work?” His voice was deep and scratchy, yet calming.

“Amazing!” Newt collapsed on the stained couch, lowering their voice out of a sarcastic town, “I lost it,”.

The monster looked as if he were about to lash out, but his arm reached for the broken down couch and he sat next to Newt.

“Damien,” they sounded tired. “I’m sorry. I really am. I’ve lost so many jobs…” Newt is known for snapping back at monsters who call them a girl, mostly because Newt has no gender and cannot tolerate people telling them otherwise. Damien assumed this is what caused them to lose their job.

Damien placed his arm on Newt’s shoulder. He let his spiny hand slide along Newt’s cold hair in a soothing fashion, leaving the shaved side alone. Newt’s large ears slowly dropped down and they shifted their weight on Damien. People always assumed they were a couple because of how loving they are to one another, but this was not so. They both lost their family when they were young. They considered each other as family, they lived together as families do and look out for each other’s back.

Next to the couch was a large book, the cover was a faded purple with gold lettering scratched off the cover. Damien grabbed it and slowly opened to a random page. The pages were an ugly shade of yellow and it had the smell of rotten eggs, the words were not in English, but in what seemed to look like gibberish. Damien’s eye darted along the pages as he continually flipped the pages. Dust flew off the pages and danced in the air, as if trying to run from the book. Finally his hand hit a page and the dust was no more. Damien eyed the page and whispered to himself, “How to make a mask…”