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Sarah Rodrigues and Sarah McCarthy

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As 6th graders in Mr. Medley’s Class Social Studies, we both think that he is a wonderful and exciting teacher. But we also wondered what more we could find out about him and his life outside of school…

Mr. Medley is a new teacher at our school this year. He teaches 6th grade Social Studies, and he helps make learning so much fun. He has been teaching for 5 years and hopes to continue for many more years to come. He got into teaching by having really inspiring teachers growing up such as one of his former Social Studies teachers, Mr. Cruz. And just like Mr. Cruz, he hopes during his career to create more Social Studies teachers like him. But Mr. Medley wasn’t always a Social Studies teacher; he also taught physical education for a period of time.

During our interview we asked Mr Medley why he chose our school. And to our surprise, he told us that he found out about our school by coming to one of our annual 5K Stars & Stripes Veteran’s Day fundraiser.  He explained that he respects the Veterans and loved how our school gave back to the community.  And to his luck, there was a Social studies position open, and he jumped to the opportunity.  We asked why he chose to teach middle school. He said that he likes the age group and he likes how much energy we have. Mr. Medley’s outside of school activities include baseball, and fishing. But, if you are in his class, you can tell by the fish lamp (Floppy) that sits on the shelf, that he loves fishing. He lights this lamp when it rains because it helps to brighten our day when it is cloudy.

Our interview with Mr. Medley was a very educational one and fun, and informed us how everyday teachers end up in this field….and it was raining during our interview, so Floppy was on brightening our cloudy day!   


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More about Mr. Medley