TREP$ Market Place is Coming to GW!

Lucas Padilla

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TREP$ is a club for young entrepeners to learn about launching their own business over the course of a few months.  Students learn proper ways to plan, create, market, advertise and sell products that they create on their own. Mrs. Puentes and Mrs. Kirstein are the advisors of TREP$. In TREP$, you can make up your own ideas and turn it into a reality. Do you write? Make origami? Or do you have any other interests? Turning your ideas into reality is pretty hard. I’m Lucas Padilla and I’m selling candle holders with golden and silver speckled glass and waterproof electric candles. A perfect gift that can light up your holidays and can last for years (except for the candle). The TREP$ marketplace will be open on December 6th so if you would like to see people’s creations and buy them, stop by the gym between 6-8pm!