Resolution Solution

Meghan Rydell, Staff Writer

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As the new year rings, it is no question that many of us may have made a New Year’s resolution. Whether it may be for school-related or personal reasons, these resolutions are goals that you truly want to follow. However, from personal experience, resolutions don’t always stick throughout the year. It’s frustrating year after year setting goals and failing to complete them. However, this year will be different. Before we can start seeing the change we need to define the change! Thus, found below are tips and things to keep in mind when you make your resolutions and as you start to follow them.


Have a plan

Create a plan for your resolution. If you create a plan, then you will know what you need to do to accomplish your goal. It also creates a sense of security knowing you have an idea of what you want.


 Make sure it’s realistic

Make sure you are setting real limits and expectations. If you create an idea that is not practical, it will only frustrate you, and most likely stop you from continuing with other goals.Make sure you are passionate



There is no point in doing something that you don’t want or feel strongly about. If your resolution is something you are not willing to make, it will most likely hesitate you to start achieving this goal and stop you even if you make a tiny mistake.  


Don’t give up

If you have one bad day, who cares?! There are so many other days in a year! All you have to do is keep trying! One or two mistakes doesn’t mean that you failed.


Do it together

If you set a goal and do it in a group, you can feel more comfortable with the things you need to accomplish your resolution. If you do it with others you can share your experience and give tips to each other. The group setting can also allow for motivation and support.


*These are just a few tips and tricks to follow and will vary depending on the resolution.


Resource To help accomplish your resolutions: