Bucket Drumming at the Lincoln Center


Meghan Rydell and James Sun

During the week before winter break, students from every grade saw the magnificent spectacle put on by George Washington’s very own Bucket Drumming ensemble. However, that was not the last of them! Recently, the ensemble took to the streets of New York to perform their talents!

The performance included a unique set list, including songs like “High Hopes” by Panic! At The Disco, and Keep Me Crazy/Geronimo by Sheppard. While the song choice was unique to the current generation, as both songs have been on the top 100 charts in the past year, people of all ages stopped to watch their performance at the Lincoln Center in the Big Apple. From tourists to businessmen, to children and adults, people from all over the city enjoyed the hour-long performance.

The band director, Mr. Vigiletti, put together an outstanding performance, while uniquely capturing the essence of a classic New York group. He added wonderful tricks, including stick flips and stick helicopters to the performance, and every minute was captivating. It could be seen through the faces of the students, and by the audience that this performance was not only fun but a memory that would last a lifetime. The amount of effort and work put in appears to be well worth it because the crowd could not stop cheering and taking photos.  

The group consisted of 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade band students, totaling a small 12 students. However, the sound they made was lo

ud, and the impact even bigger. Ryan Rydell, the lead drummer for Buckets Ruckus, helped guide fellow members and made the performance fun. Soloist in that same song, Gavin Sonnett, Izzy Mailman, Joe Monte, Luke Dipre, and Cole Jowaisas did an outstanding job reeling in the audience with bold rhythms and fantastic tricks! In other songs, trash cans and tins were used to create special sound effects. Drummers Tyler Westerberg, Mason Sneed, and Kaitlyn McNally provided different bass rhythms to support the ensemble while members Robbie Cisneros, David Holtzman, and Meghan Rydell drummed away!

The performers had the trip of a lifetime and couldn’t be happier! The performance was amazing and onlookers enjoyed every minute of it! The community couldn’t be prouder, and we wish the ensemble the best of luck next year. Even as the eighth graders leave, GW looks forward to what’s to come! Go Eagles!