Paris Fashion Week 2019


Getty Images

This is the elegant Givenchy dress.

Mina Cocca, Guest Writer

Since 1973, hundreds of models have hit the runway in bold, brand-new outfits during Paris Fashion Week. Some of your favorite, most well-known designers make these fashionable outfits, including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and even Givenchy, which have made appearances on this 2019 runway. From February 25 to March 5, models of all kinds walked down the runway, wearing extravagant, pricey clothes.  

One of the most well-known designer brands, Chanel, had lots of chic appearances this fashion week. First off, the late Karl Lagerfeld designed his last collection for Chanel this fashion week. Pictured below, you will see a black and white block patterned jumpsuit, with a white belt tied at the waist. Covering the arms and shoulders, you will see a houndstooth black and white patterned coat, which stretches down to the ankles. The model can be seen wearing a snake print hat,and two-inch heels. The model also has long, blingy necklaces with a ruffled collar on her left side, near her chest. This outfit was a fashion week favorite, and caught the attention of many in Paris.

Next, Givenchy came with a simple, yet elegant dress that rocked the runway. This dress is black all over, with a crystal pattern. This pattern consists of gems which are laid in a circular form, and are complemented with a line of these gems too. This design resembles one of an elegant, diamond chandelier. The model is also wearing glamorous sunglasses. While some outfits from this show are bold, this outfit is very elegant and very wearable to a nice event.

Paris Fashion Week is an extravagant time filled with beautiful, unique outfits and is definitely an amazing experience.