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Most people have heard of Alexander Hamilton. His story is extremely interesting and Lin-Manuel Miranda brought it to life in a Broadway musical.  Hamilton has no dialogue, it is a series of different songs. It is based on true events that happened in Alexander Hamilton’s life. I have been obsessed with the Hamilton soundtrack for a while and to see it in person was truly breathtaking. Although it was not the original cast, the talent was incredible. I listened to the sound track on repeat so seeing it in person with different voices was beyond amazing. The actors and actresses took it upon themselves to interpret their role in their own way. It made it seem so personal. Like they weren’t acting and just telling their story.

One of my favorite songs were, “Schuyler Sisters”, this is song by Angelica. Eliza, and Peggie who are the three Schuyler sisters. Angelica explains how women should have the same rights as men. This song empowers women in the best way. No one expects Angelica and her sisters to be downtown where the men work but Angelica is there because she wants to be the one working.  Angelica, who was played by Mandy Gonzalez, was unbelievable. The entire experience was so amazing.