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2021-2022 Staff


Tyler Leu

Tyler Leu is a 7th grade student who is a writer for the GW Times. The activities he enjoys doing are writing, drawing, listening to music, cooking/baking, playing video games, and watching TV shows. His birthday is the day after V...


Juliana Pullen

Juliana Pullen enjoys writing and hanging out with friends. She is a percussionist in the GW 7th grade Concert Band, and  her free time, she loves playing with her dog.    

Nikhil Ivaturi

Nikhil Ivaturi

Nikhil Ivaturi is an 8th grader at GW Middle School. Some of his favorite things to do include playing the guitar and cooking. He likes listening to music and watching TV, with his favorite show being Stranger Things. ...

Jack Till

Jack Till

Jack Till is an 8th Grade student at George Washington Middle School and a proud member of the Newspaper Club. Some of Jack’s interests include reading and writing, video games, and listening to music. You can find Jack at ...

Kateli Diorio

When Kateli is not at school she enjoys surfing, playing softball, and acting. She also has a love for animals, as she has many pets. ...

Noa Turro

Noa is in 8th grade.  Her birthday is April 10th. Some of her favorite things to do are dancing, baking, riding her bike and drawing/painting. Her favorite subject in school is ELA and she is excited to be in the newspaper club bec...

Isabelle Oliveras

Isabelle is a writer in the GWMS newspaper club. She loves to write, sing, play piano and follow pop culture. If you want to know the latest memes or pop culture news she's your girl.  


Adrian Niser

Adrian is an 8th grade photographer for the GW Times. He has a passion for flying and loves planes. He also likes building with Legos. He also enjoys taking pictures, making vidoes, and making stop motions. His favorite subject i...

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