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2019-2020 Staff

Landon Li


Writer 6th Grade Drawing Windows Art

Adrian Niser


6th Grade I like Lego and building Airfix My favourite subject is Lunch  

Michele Welson

Graphic Designer

7th Grade Michele is our graphic designer.  She makes all of the headings you see on the site, as well as updates all of the fonts and colors.

Ella Monello

Editor, Photographer

Ella Monello “Evanlyn Merlyn” Fun Fact- I have 20 siblings I am an editor, a photographer and anything else but a writer! Well, I am an assistant writer for Mia DeGrandpre. Im in 6th-grade quote- I'm not ps...

Nikhil Ivaturi


Writer  6th Grade Guitar  “Life is meant to be lived”  

Evan Meurer

Joke Master

Grade: 7th grade Hobbies: Baseball, playing trumpet, video games, playing with dog Favorite Subject: Social Studies Motto: If you make a mistake and don’t correct it, that is a second mistake....

Sarah Rodrigues

Writer, Reporter

Hi! My name is Sarah Rodrigues and I am a reporter/writer for the GW newspaper club. I am in 7th grade and I love to swim and hang out with friends and family. My favorite subject is ELA because I love to write and use my imag...

Mrs. Katie Moré


    Mrs. Moré is a 7th Grade Language Arts teacher.  She enjoys working with the young journalists of The GW Times and finding new ways to entice the readers of GW. When she's not in school, Mrs. Moré co...

Danica Rech

Writer, Editor

Writer/Editor Grade: 6 Hobbies: swimming, listening to My Chemical Romance, reading Rangers Apprentice, being a ranger Favorite subject: ELA "Be like Elsa-Let it go "...

Katie McGhee

Writer, Reporter, Editor

8th Grade

Jack Till


6th Grade BFDI, Technology, Animation ELA and Math “This is what really happened, reported by a free press to a free people.  It is the raw material of history; it is the story of our own times.” -Henry Steel Commager...

Lauren Toole

Illustrator, Designer, Writer

  Hi, I’m Lauren Toole. I’m an illustrator, designer, and writer here at GW Times. I’m in seventh grade and I enjoy skiing, art, and swimming. My favorite subjects in school are science and art.  ...

Meghan Tomback


 8th Grade I like to play video games and watch YouTube. I also play field hockey! My favorite subject in school is math....

James Sun


  8th Grade Hobbies: Oboe, Fencing, Aviation, Travel Favorite Subject: Math Favorite Quote: If you can play it slowly you can play it quickly -Ben Lee...

Andriana Rud

Song Critic

Grade: 7th Hobbies: Listening to and analyzing music, Playing Solitaire, and Watching Shows on Netflix Favorite Subject: Social Studies...

Katelyn Robinson


7th Grade Hobbies-  Theatre, writing, and reading Favorite Subject- Chorus  

Alexandra Morgan 

Decorator, Reporter

  7th grade Art, Lacrosse, Baking, and Reading Math   

Cassandra Miller


  Grade 6  I love to sew and paint Social studies  "Your attitude determines your direction" ...

Allison McNutt

Decorator, Reporter

  Grade 7th Baking, lacrosse, Field Hockey Math  

Dante Luglio


  I like to play Baseball I like Math "If you’re having no fun in life, then there’s no point to living"

Warren Lee


  Grade 8th Popcorn Eating, Minecraft, Sitting, Reddit Music “Reddit is a great source of environmentally-friendly entertainment.  Most of the content there is recycled.”...

Chloe Krawczak

Meme Maker

  Sixth Grade Horseback Riding Science  

Julie Gustus

Writer, Editor, Reporter

  Grade 6 Reading, sports, listening to music Lunch is my favorite period of the day!...

Emilie Fauerbach


  Grade 7 Plays Field Hockey, Takes Karate, arts and crafts, Theater Favorite subjects:  Chorus, ELA, Math, and Social Studies "There's No Business Like Show Business"...

Avery Derstine

 Designer, Illustrator

    Hi! My name is Avery and I recently joined newspaper club. I am in 7th grade and really enjoy doing math. My hobbies include dance, skiing, swimming, and basketball. This club has been an amazing experience so far and I ...

Mia DeGrandpre 


Grade: 6th  Hobbies: Music, Piano, Flute, Singing, Reading,  watching CW shows Favorite Subject: ELA and Social Studies    Favorite Quotes:  “Follow the Pretty Bird Across the Sky” “You are an Apprent...

Keira Cicchetti

Writer, Reporter

  I am in 7th grade and this is my first year in this club. I play soccer, softball, and I do dance. I also do swim team in the summer and love to ski in the winter. Math and science are my two favorite subjects. I am ...

Sarah Bensaid

Writer, Editorials

  Bensaid is an 8th-grade student who graduates in 2020. She is more ELA oriented, and the majority of her free time is dedicated to schoolwork. Yes, she is a Kpop stan and is involved with more groups than you can imagin...

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