How to Leave the City – Chapter One

Rae Wilkens, Creative Writer

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Fear is something that can tear people apart, but it could also bring people together. Fear infects people like the plague, infecting everyone around it. This fear became a tool of destruction, the weapon was a city.This city was built by humans who believed that the town would bring peace and end fear, and so it grew. The growth of this town drove out civilizations of monsters who feared this city, they all knew that humans would only make them suffer. Civilizations began to pack their things and leave what they called home, others weren’t so lucky…

Fire surrounded Newt as she pushed open the door of her home. The silhouette of humans with swords flashed on the collapsing homes, a song of terror made the sky shake. Newt stood in the center of the fire gripping her doll, her eyes whipped around her at the scene of destruction. The girl had the hair color of the night sky that draped over her body, two animal-like ears sprouted from her head. Her eyes were a cold green, stained with red as the flames danced in the sky. Newt’s nose pointed outward like a bird’s beak and was stained with a light purple. Newt looked back at her home, a small boy sprinted from the flames and cried. The boy grabbed Newt’s arm and sprinted for the trees, Newt pulled her arm away.

Newt opened her mouth to yell but a gasp jolted out as large hands grabbed her shoulders and pulled her into the air. Newt screamed and wildly flung herself in all directions, her legs hung heavily as if they were trying to weigh her down. but the human grabbed her tighter and threw her to the ground.

“No use for talkin’ if we can’t understand ye,” the human made a twisted smile.

Newt knew english fairly well, as did the rest of the tribe, but she could not speak it. Her brother knew english very well and could translate any word he would ever want into english. Newt let her eyes dance around, her mother always told her to stay with her brother while in danger.

The human glared into the forest as Newt struggled to her feet, but a sharp pain hit her back. She screamed in pain but was only met with a butt of a sword instead of a kiss from her mom. Screams turned to lullabies as the world went black.