Cobra Kai: To Watch or Not to Watch

Juliana Pullen, Staff Writer

The new Cobra Kai season came out on January 1, 2021. But as with all shows, there is one question: to watch or not to watch?


As season two dramatically ends, fans are very curious. Will the main character, Miguel, die? This season provides a simple answer with an extra serving of drama. Now let’s be honest. The main reason we love Cobra Kai: the insane fighting and craziness.  With this new season, we get the details on Rabbie’s issues, Johnny’s odd life, and the deal with the LaRusso dealership. We all know that Cobra Kai has been taken over by Kreese, and who doesn’t wanna see that epic battle!  In addition to this, Cobra Kai includes the old character most of us all know and hate- Kyler. Miguel’s X-bully. This adds a lot to the fun because it is another mean person taking over Cobra. As for the people who haven’t watched it, you’re in for a thrill of adventure, loyalty, disloyalty, and some crazy fights.  So go! Watch it! 


Warning: Disappointingly short season! 

Who wants to watch something you can watch in a simple one week. We want to binge for weeks! Plural! 

This season was disappointingly short, which is something you see immediately (or as soon as it ends and you start crying). 

Also, it must be pointed out – Why did they get rid of Aisha!

We all love her- her spunk, the way she impacts Cobra Kai. And this season she is MIA! This takes away from the diversity of the cast, and no one can replace her. While they hint that she will be back, the season is at a loss without her.

Overall Rating:

⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐

This season was definitely exciting with much more drama which created a fun setting. The main thing that bumped it to a four-star was the season’s shortness and the forgetting of Aisha. They also only mentioned her name once with a little back story. But it was hinted that she will be back, which makes up for it. This is something you should watch with friends or family on Zoom or in-person.

Cobra Kai is Back!!