Revolutionary Roller Coasters

The History of the Most Famous Roller Coasters in the US


Robert Liput, Staff Photographer, Staff Writer

Roller coasters have been thrilling riders since 1884, starting with the Scenic Railway at Coney Island in New York. This was a simple out and back wooden coaster that didn’t provide the thrills of today’s roller coasters. As the years moved on and as our technology progressed, roller coasters started to get bigger and scarier in the following years. Knotts Berry Farm in California opened Corkscrew, the first roller coaster to ever go upside down, opening in 1975 and closed in 1989 with two inversions. With Six Flags Magic Mountain also in California to feature the first roller coaster to have a vertical loop which opened in 1976 and is still open today. Cedar Point in Ohio is known for breaking three major records over the years which include the first hypercoaster (any coaster with a height or drop of 200-299ft), the first Giga coaster (any coaster with a height or d

rop of 300-399ft), and the first strata coaster (any coaster with a height or drop of 400-499ft). 

There are so many different types of roller coasters and it gets so hard to compare them. For example, there are multiple types of launch coasters like the hydraulic, air compressed, LSM, LIM, Drive Tyre, FlyWheel, and the Electric Winch launch. All of these coasters provide a different experience so everyone can enjoy them.