BookTok Favorites: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

BookTok Favorites: A Good Girls Guide to Murder

Juliana Pullen and Soha Shah

Books are taking the internet back with BookTok and things like it. Library lovers and book readers know books are wonderful things, but within the last couple of years, books have claimed a big part of the internet. Whether it’s eBooks, top book lists, or reviews people use the internet for books a lot. So obviously we took it upon ourselves to review some books that are either new or popular. Starting with this first issue, we will be reviewing and looking at Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson. 

 Good Girls Guide to Murder is about a high school student named Pippa, but she is referred to in the story as Pip. Pip enjoys mystery and crime and decides to investigate the murder of another high school student, Andie Bell for her Senior Capstone project. Andie was popular, and everyone suspected that she was murdered by her boyfriend with a confession text sent from Sal’s phone. Pip knows the shame that Sal’s family lives with and finds herself going deeper and deeper to the point where the killer is stalking her and giving her warnings.  

Hi, I’m Jules. I rated Good Girl’s Guide 8.5/10. I personally enjoy murder mysteries, so I enjoyed this book. It should be noted that it would be incredibly hard to solve the mystery yourself until about ¾ of the way through.  I found the twists to be interesting and I didn’t think the plot could be easily guessed. Pip’s relationships with her friends and family during the investigation are also well-written which adds to the creative elements of the book. I did feel that the number of privileges Pip seemed to have in the investigation was slightly unbelievable, but not incredibly drastic. I also thought that the antagonist (killer) seemed well thought out but not heavily touched on until the end. I did appreciate the whole villain “Why I did it” and “How I did it” that Jackson realistically created.  Overall I enjoyed it and highly recommend it to people interested in a murder mystery. 

Hi, it’s Soha. I just wanted to say that overall, I rate this book a 9/10. Personally, I love mysteries and this book was a thrilling whodunit story. I thought that Pip and her relationships brought the story to life as it made the book a bit more relatable. I do think, however, that it was a bit odd that no one seemed to interfere when things got dangerous. The plot twists that Jackson incorporated into the book make it all the better. They really threw me at some parts and I thought they were incredibly written. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves mysteries and a good thriller.

So in all, we both really enjoyed this book. It’s a good choice for people who love murder mysteries with a twist. Yeah, I agree and the best part for me about this book was the plot twists and how the story was developed. We hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful. The book was overall really well written and we would rank it a 9.5/10. We hope you will love the book as much as we do. Maybe more! The next issue of the book review will include the book The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.