Breast Cancer Fundraisers


Keira Cicchetti and Sarah Rodrigues

Feeling a little blue? Maybe you need a little pink in your life! The pink hair extension fundraiser took place this past month here at GWMS. This fundraiser was a great way to promote breast cancer awareness month and raise money for the people who need treatment. The fundraiser sends money to the Susan G. Komen Cancer Center to help buy new equipment and other necessities for the patients there as well. The hair extensions were $10 and came in two different shades. Every dollar makes a difference! This fundraiser is a great way to help many people persevere through cancer. We had tons of people in our school this year get pink hair extensions and raised a ton of money. I definitely recommend getting one next year!

But don’t forget about the bracelets! If you don’t want to put extensions in your hair you can always get a pink, rubber bracelet; any way to support breast cancer awareness! These bracelets were sold for $2 each. They also sold out and were a great way to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

If you didn’t have a chance to get either of these thing6th grade students proudly showing off their pink hair extensionss this year, there is always next year! And they are both great ways to help support the victims of breast cancer!