Back to Teach

A Former GW Student is Back to Teach

Back to Teach

Amelie Bain, Staff Writer

A former student of GW is back to teach!

Michael De Moor, an eighth-grade English teacher, is a kind person. He went to GW as a kid and now he is back to teach. He became a teacher because he likes to be involved in young people’s lives. He came back to GW because he had a coaching job in Wayne and he had been trying to get a job in the district for a while. When he got the opportunity to teach here he happily took it. He feels like the setup of the school is still the same, yet it felt a lot bigger as a kid. He liked a lot of teachers like Mrs. Facciolla, she taught him a lot of things and made everyone feel comfortable. He also liked Mrs. Van Dyken, she was kind and was really into the literature of his class, and had a really good mentality.

He really enjoyed 8th grade and the Washington DC field trip. He said that his favorite subject was PE. He loved to play knockout in gym class and there was another class called small gym games that he enjoyed playing. Even though he is a basketball coach he loves football and baseball. For football, he is a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and for baseball, the Pittsburgh Pirates. When Michael De Moor is not teaching, he coaches basketball, watches sports, plays them, enjoys reading and writing, and of course, spends time with his family. He really likes teaching his 8th-grade class because it brings back so many memories. He is very happy to be back at GW, and he is an amazing teacher and person that will have a large impact on students because of his love to teach and care for others.