Wayne Valley High School Schedule Breakdown


Meghan Tomback

Attention all up and coming 9th graders or as they’re currently called, 8th graders. As you enter into high school, a lot of things are going to change. For starters, you can pick parts of your schedule and things work on a block schedule. Here are some things you might need to know; as for block scheduling, instead of having 9 periods a day, you will have 6 with an hour lunch in the middle. Every day, the order of your classes will change dropping one off the end and one before lunch. Overall you will have 8 classes but only take 6 of them every day. The 4 classes in the morning and the 4 classes in the afternoon work on a cycle where the last class is dropped each day. Along with this, many science classes have lab periods and when they fall either before or after lunch, they will cut into lunchtime. For a full breakdown of the schedule rotation visit the Wayne Valley website.

Out of the 8 classes you have, 2 of them will be electives. These are chosen by the students and will most likely have been sent in by the time you are reading this article. However, here is something to know for future years or just to store in your brain. Out of the electives, all students must take at least 1 year towards a humanities course, a visual or performing arts, and a career, consumer, family, or life skill. Students must also take at least ½ a year of a finical literacy course. These requirements can be filled in many different ways which are shown in the Program of Studies.   Along with this, students need to take 2 years of a foreign language, although many take more than this. Many students choose to fill their financial literacy requirements and start their language requirement in freshman year although this is not required and some choose not to. All the electives and other helpful information are listed in the Program of Studies. Hopefully, this article,  along with the links included, will help you on your journey towards high school and make the transition a lot more manageable.