How Quarantine is Impacting the Environment


Maya Kolen, Guest Writer

Millions of people around the world are under the orders to stay home or in quarantine because of the new virus going around, the coronavirus. Many are at home, bored and thinking, how could this get even worse? However, there is one big positive that is happening, without us even knowing- the environment is improving.

As many sit home with nothing to do, they desperately try to take on new hobbies or old ones, some of which include gardening. Many people around the world are beginning to take on gardening and more green around the world means a healthier environment. Demands for gardening tools and seeds have risen 40 percent just in the month of March! According to Christoper Walljasper, environmentalist, he states “Canada-based Stokes Seeds, which ships to the United States and Canada, received 1,000 online orders during the weekend of March 21, four times more than normal”. With many beginning to take on gardening, it gives us a start to working for a better environment.

Another thing that is helping the environment is the decrease in air pollution. Pollution has been a big problem all across this world to this day, but recent studies have shown that those numbers are declining. As the Coronavirus quickly spreads around the world, it’s forcing people to stay put which has massive effects on the economy. Millions are either out of a job or working from home. With the orders to stay inside slowly becoming the new normal, people aren’t driving or flying as much as before. This has led to a huge percentage drop in air pollution which kills millions in a year alone. According to CNBC News, “The northeastern U.S. has seen atmospheric levels of nitrogen dioxide air pollution decline by 30%. The numbers are continuing to go down for other countries around the world” (CNBC Environment 1). With quarantine still active the number will continue to decrease. 

This virus has had devastating effects on people across the globe.  When this all ends, all we can hope is that we remember to treat one another with kindness, and do what we can to help keep our Earth clean.