The Beauty and the Beast, Jr.

A Tale As Old As Time…


Ella Duffy

The performances put on by the drama club at George Washington Middle School are always very well done and extremely impressive. Each year they put on a play for the students and parents, and this year the play that was chosen was “Beauty and the Beast.” Everything from the acting to the singing and dancing was incredible. One of the best features of this play was the casting. In my opinion, the students that were cast to play each character were picked very well. Each student who had a lead role put on a fantastic show for the audience. All of the songs were sung beautifully and they really helped show emotion throughout the entire play. The soundtrack for the play had all of the classic songs from the movie, which helped make the show even more wonderful. The dialogue during the entire play was filled with emotion and passion. The acting was very realistic and convincing.

Although the leads did do a fantastic job, everyone in the play did amazing. The utensils and plates, as well as the villagers and silly girls, really brought the show together. They added excitement and entertainment to the play with their dancing. The choreography for each dance was very impressive and all of the students who danced did an excellent job. Seeing them all dance in sync helped keep the audience engaged in the play the entire time. When you take the unbelievable acting and singing from the le ad roles and combine it with the incredible dancing, the play becomes an amazing performance that everyone in the audience can enjoy. Overall, I have no complaints about the play that was put on by the students at GWMS this year, and I think it was a wonderful performance that I would enjoy to see again!