TREP$ Marketplace 2021

Emily Li, Staff Writer


The TREP$ MarketPlace is a place where students in 6th through 8th grade make their own inventions and sell them. This was a great opportunity for people to learn how to start their own business and make a profit. There were hand-crafted items, 3D printed designs, There were many inventions such as keychains, decorations, jewelry, and pet treats. Some were hand-crafted designs, 3D-printed figures, and reinforced items. Someone had eagle plushies symbolizing the GW eagles. A friend of mine made cool designs on a marble coaster. Another friend 3-D printed snowflakes and holiday ornaments. It also came with a 3-D printed animal figure for free. I saw some others handing out balloons for the little kids. The money they made was split with friends if they worked in groups. Some also split with parents for their help. Some were also given to charity. I was able to talk with 3 participants and here is what they had to say about their experience.  


Victoria Sykes – 7th grade

“I made the Tie-Dye Socks with my friends. How we thought of this idea was my friends thought of tie-dye and I thought of socks. TREP$ was fun and a lot of work was put into it. It was a good experience.”

Sadie Kurz – 8th grade

“I made edible cookie dough and rice crispy treats. I made a total of about $370 and after paying back my parents, I was left with $289.I thought of the idea of making cookie dough and rice crispy treats because I baked in 6th grade and I didn’t have to use an oven to bake cookies. I thought TREP$ was a good idea because I like how people could make their own things and sell it. It was a good experience for everyone.”

Tarik Yeneroglu – 8th grade

“I made coasters with a friend. We split the money. I thought of joining TREP$ because I did the same thing in 6th grade and made a lot of money so I decided to do the same this year. It was good although fewer people came this year. People were still interested but not as much. I recommend more people to come and do it.