How to Survive a Case of the Mondays


Juliana Pullen, Staff Writer

Sometimes life can be rough. The unexpected is, well, to be expected. And the unknown can be stressful. But Mondays…Oh boy. Having to go from sleeping in until 10am to having to wake up at 6:30 am is not fun, and can spark a bad day. Sound familiar? Then you could benefit from these top ways to relieve stressful Mondays.

5- Clubs! GW has many clubs to choose from, and they are constantly adding new ones! Sometimes something good to look forward to (other than Friday) is enough to get you through the first hard day.  Just remember to not overdo it! Pick one or two clubs to do and make them your primary clubs to avoid doing too much.  Talk to Ms.Weiss to see some clubs or see the schedule

4-Walking. Going on a walk around your neighborhood can be helpful after a terrible Monday. After being cooped up in a classroom all day, fresh air is best for the mind and body. 

3-  Meditation. I know it’s cliche, but let’s face it -It helps a lot! There are many different kinds, too. Sometimes the sounds of the rainforest can be calming after a rough Monday. Others prefer a basic youtube video to lull them out of a bad mood. But sometimes all you need is to take a deep breath.

2-  Art. Sometimes people can forget that you don’t have to be in Window’s art in order to be artistic. Pencil sketches can be something simple to do in your free time. Though if you have some time on your hands, watercolor can be something new to try after-hours.  Calm pastels are recommended, but sometimes a fierce color can help express your emotions. 

1-  Last, but definitely not least, pets. Being around animals is a great way to end a day. Whether it’s a parrot or a dog, all animals can be beneficial to stress levels. Don’t have a dog or cat? I recommend downloading an animal wall paper so that every time you open a tab during a class, you see a cute animal. You may not believe how much happier this will make you. 

Stress is not fun, but by keeping your cool and taking some time to unwind, you can do more than survive. You can be calm and happy. If you have high-stress levels daily, that’s a sign you’re overworking and need to take a break. Remember, there are people that can help you if you need it.