NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen Projections

James Sun, Staff Writer

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Welcome to the GWTimes Sweet Sixteen Predictions. Please don’t use this for your second chance bracket, as it will be terrible. But here we go!


Game Number 1: Florida State vs Gonzaga

Winner: Florida State

Why? Gonzaga has not been tested yet in real games under pressure. They lost to Saint Mary’s in the final of the WCC championship game, which shows how inconsistent team they are. On the other hand, Florida State finished in the upper half in the ACC, the toughest league to play in. I believe Gonzaga is overrated, so Florida State should win.


Game Number 2: Purdue vs Tennessee

Winner: Purdue

Why? Purdue’s Carsen Edwards is averaging an impressive 23.6 points per game, and a low Assist to Turnover ratio can be enough to shut down Tennessee.


Game Number 3: Texas Tech vs Michigan

Winner: Michigan

Why? John Beilein’s Michigan teams have made it to the Final Four 2 times within the last decade. They even went to the National Championship game last year, losing to a Villanova team with many draft picks. Third time’s the charm(?)


Game Number 4: Oregon vs Virginia

Winner: Virginia

Why? As much as I want the underdogs (or Ducks for that matter) Virginia is still a strong team coming off last year’s loss to UMBC in the first round. Oregon beat Wisconsin and UC Irvine, both weak teams. There is a reason why Oregon is ranked a 12 seed.


Game Number 5 LSU vs Michigan State

Winner: Michigan State

Why? Although I am a Maryland fan hating both teams, I want LSU to lose to Michigan State. Just because LSU beat Maryland with 1.2 seconds to go.


Game Number 6 Auburn vs North Carolina

Winner: North Carolina

Why? Sorry Charles Barkley. The North Carolina team has a strong offense, finishing second in the ACC and losing to Duke in a close ACC tournament game. I believe that Auburn does not have the power and skill of the Tar Heels.


Game Number 7 Virginia Tech vs Duke

Winner: Virginia Tech

Why? 3-pointers.


Game Number 8 Houston vs Kentucky

Winner: Kentucky

Why? If PJ Washington returns (which he probably will) then Kentucky will be a top-four team in the country and Houston had a strong schedule which may explain why it has only lost 3 games the entire season.