The N.B.A. Finals Recap

Guest Writer

This year’s NBA Finals is between the Toronto Raptors and the two-time defending champions, the Golden State Warriors. The Raptors beat the number one seed in the East, the Milwaukee Bucks, 4-2. The Warriors swept the Portland Trailblazers in four games. The Warriors went into the first Finals game handicapped with injuries to their starting Small Forward superstar, Kevin Durant and their All-Star Center, Boogie Cousins. No major injuries affected the Raptors entering the series. In the first game, the Raptors took the win by 9 points. The leading scorers in the game were Stephen Curry with 34 points, Pascal Siakam with 32 points, Kawhi Leonard with 23 points, and Klay Thompson with 21 points. The next game, the Warriors barely won by 5. The leading scorers in the game were Kawhi Leonard with 34 points, Klay Thompson with 25 points, Stephen Curry with 23 points, and Fred VanVleet and Draymond Green both with 17 points. In the third game, the first home game for the Warriors, the Raptors blew the Warriors out by 14 points. Stephen Curry, with 47 points, made history by scoring the second most points in a Finals loss, with number one being Lebron James, who was playing the Warriors when he lost, while scoring 53 points. The scoring leaders were Stephen Curry with 47 points, Kawhi Leonard with 30 points, Kyle Lowry with 23 points, and Danny Green and Pascal Siakam both with 18 points. In the fourth game, the Raptors crushed the Warriors again in a win by 13 points. The leading scorers were Kawhi Leonard with 36 points, Klay Thompson with 28 points, Stephen Curry with 27 points, and Serge Ibaka with 20 points. In the fifth and most recent game, Kevin Durant returned from his calf injury. However 10 minutes into the game, he tore his Achilles, one of the most devastating injuries in basketball. Even with this major injury, the Warriors barely squeaked by with a one point victory. The leading scorers were Stephen Curry with 31 points, Klay Thompson and Kawhi Leonard with 26 points, Kyle Lowry with 18 points, and Marc Gasol with 17 points. With the Warriors down in the series 3-2, will the Warriors be able to three-peat or will the Raptors win their first NBA Championship in their franchise’s history? We’ll find out in the next game at 9 PM on Thursday, June 13.