Thanksgiving Colors

What’s the meaning behind the colors of the holiday?

Meghan Tomback

Thanksgiving, like all other holidays, has colors that people associate with them. Christmas has red and green, Chanukah has blue and silver, and thanksgiving has all the warm colors. Thanksgivings colors originate from the environment around when the holiday comes. Although everything starts to die, the season is really beautiful. 

Different colors have been known to be associated with different traits. One of the main Thanksgiving colors is brown which represents relaxation and confidence. It also represents a connection to nature and the security it provides. Red, orange, and yellow, the other colors of Thanksgiving, represent warmth, creativity, comfort, and other feelings of happiness and peace. 

These colors perfectly represent the mood and feeling that embody the holiday. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and really be aware of what goes on around you. For this Thanksgiving, try your best to appreciate those around you and do your best to make this holiday time one of peace and relaxation for those around you!