Winter Jokes

Evan Meurer

What type of melon always gives the cold shoulder to people?

A winter melon.


A snowman once said: When my feet get dry, they start to snow-‘flake’ all over the place.


Rulers of kingdoms and empires say they ‘reign’ their land. But during the winter, shouldn’t they ‘snow’ their land?


A frozen desert is just a dry desert that is really cold and covered in snow. But does that mean it gives the ‘cold shoulder’ to everybody that walks on it?


The song goes: “walking in a winter wonderland”. But if global warming keeps going on will it be: “walking in a warmer wonderland”, or even worse: “walking in hotter horrorland”?


The Hawaiian Pizza was invented in Canada, a place where the main ingredient to the pizza, the pineapple, is not common. So does that mean that if Hawaii created the Canadian Pizza, would the main ingredient be Winter Squash?


The TV show Game of Thrones features the popular phrase ‘Winter is Coming’. Game of Thrones is based during the Winter, so if it was swapped, and based in the Summer would it be ‘Summer is going”?


What leaf sunk the plant version of the Titanic?

An iceberg lettuce.